Is ActivTrades a Scam? Detailed ActivTrades Review Updated 2024

Usually, brokers let you choose your preferred amount since it’s only virtual money. Brokers generally offer different types of accounts in order to meet the needs of various types of traders. Indices not only show the collective health of an industry or country’s economy, but they are also widely traded in financial markets as CFDs. CFDs are Contract For Difference and trading these asset classes can give you a number of advantages compared to trading actual assets. ActivTrades does not charge inactivity fees, but it’s best to check with the broker for the most up-to-date information regarding any other fees. This is where I first saw not just a brokerage company, but a place where you can try and experiment and exactly learn.

Choosing the right broker is essential to ensure your ActivTrades investments grow and flourish. However, beware of fake and unreliable brokers lurking in the shadows, waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting traders. Visiting many broker websites, all of which have different language uses. Technical language and terminology can be confusing with brokers like ActivTrades.

Positions can be opened and closed in seconds and there is a decent level of account management and analysis supported. The brokerage is prominently known for its forex trading capabilities, with a vast array of currency pairs available for trading, from major to exotic. This positions ActivTrades as a preferred destination for forex aficionados. In the realm of commodities, traders can capitalize on various products, including metals and energies, to diversify their portfolios.

  1. The account opening process usually takes a few minutes to complete, and you can start exploring the ActivTrades platform and features immediately.
  2. We’ll guide you through the entire process step by step in detail.
  3. Below is an in-depth review regarding ActivTrades to help you make an informed decision before opening your account or trading on their platform.
  4. To learn more about the ActivTrades funding and withdrawal options available in your area, you can explore the ActivTrades website.
  5. These apps are available for download on both Apple (iOS) and Android (APK) devices.

MT4 on ActivTrades offers traders comprehensive features and tools to enhance their trading performance. The ActivTrades MT4 user-friendly interface and highly customizable trading environment allow traders to tailor the ActivTrades platform to their needs. One of the standout features of MT4 is its charting functionality, which allows ActivTrades traders to analyze price movements and make informed trading decisions. To evaluate brokers, we test the accounts, trading tools and services provided.

In the bustling realm of financial brokerage, ActivTrades emerges as a particularly worthy contender for those desiring an amalgam of simplicity and precision. With a user-centric platform, ActivTrades is designed for traders who seek a hassle-free interface for executing trades, eschewing excessive bells and whistles. Andrew has a well-established career in fintech and came up with to make
trading on financial markets more transparent and accessible.

MetaTrader 5 Platform features and benefits:

Remember that software’s past performance does not ensure future results and you may lose some or all of your invested capital. This site is not intended for use in jurisdictions in which the trading or investments described are prohibited and should only be used by such persons and in such ways as are legally permitted. Keep in mind that Stocks, bonds, and futures aren’t available on MetaTrader 4. Traders need to pick MetaTrader 5 or custom-made ActivTrader to trade these instruments. ActivTrades provides support in 14 languages to assist people from across the globe.

The apps maintain functionality without sacrificing essential features, offering real-time charting, trading execution, and management wherever traders find themselves. Equally enticing is ActivTrades’ exposure to indices, allowing traders to invest in collective market movements. For those with an eye on the future, the broker does provide opportunities to delve into cryptocurrency trading, embracing the digital currency evolution. To start the process of opening an account with ActivTrades you can visit the ActivTrades trading platform here.

Can I try ActivTrades?

This app provides access to a range of advanced trading features, allowing ActivTrades traders to stay on top of their trades and react quickly to changes in the market. With the ActivTrades MetaTrader 4 Android app, traders can securely manage their trades on the go, making it a convenient and efficient way to stay connected to the market. Brokerage firms like ActivTrades may charge commission fees as compensation for executing trades on behalf of traders on their trading platforms. Commission fees can vary depending on the type of financial asset being traded and the ActivTrades trading account level held by the trader. When a trading account goes unused for a certain period, brokerage clients may be charged an account inactivity fee. To avoid such fees, clients may need to fulfill specific trading activity requirements outlined by ActivTrades terms and conditions.

Deposit options

Additionally, you will need to answer some basic compliance questions to confirm your level of trading experience. This process usually takes around 5 minutes, and once you’ve passed compliance, you can start exploring ActivTrades’s platform. Autochartist on the ActivTrades platform is a powerful tool designed to help traders find trading opportunities quickly and easily. ActivTrades also offer mobile apps for Android and iOS trading apps help you stay on top of your trades and execute them on the go. ActivTrades is one of the few brokers that offer both of the MetaTrader platforms; MT4 and MT5. To see how the two platforms compare, you can read our comparison of MT4 vs MT5 here.

ActivTrades Payment Methods

I value simplicity and convenience in trading platforms cause I mostly trade on the go. There’s nothing that could distract me from trading in its user interface. During the next year, the company added Smart Tools, with several features and benefits to its trading platforms. ActivTrades introduced its very own Prepaid Master Card in 2015 and in 2016 it launched ActivTrader, a proprietary trading platform.

Moreover, ActivTrades keeps clients’ funds in segregated accounts. When traders fund their live accounts, money must go from their bank account to somewhere. Most low-trust brokers mix these funds with the company’s own funds, making these funds easily accessible for themselves.

ActivTrades Fees Explained

Besides, the trading platform the customer selects may also impact the available trading instruments. Therefore, before trading, verify the ActivTrades trading instruments available and the regulations governing them based on your account holder, location, and chosen platform. Don’t be scared off by brokers like ActivTrades charging a minimum deposit to open a trading account. Brokers charging higher minimum deposits may offer additional premium services on their platforms that are not free on other platforms. Please be aware that trading in financial assets with ActivTrades carries a risk of loss.

This unwavering commitment is why they repose their trust in us, year after year. Experience seamless trading on ActivTrades’ robust ecosystem, empowered by the IBM cloud. This ensures instantaneous execution with minimal latency activtrades review across all asset categories. Enjoy trade execution in less than 0.004 seconds, with over 93.60% of orders executed at the requested rate or even better, and a monumental trade execution bandwidth of over 100k per second.

Do I Need To Download The ActivTrader Trading Platform?

In addition, the spreads are very reasonable, considering there’s no commission charged by this broker. What’s more, ActivTrades offers protection from your balance going into a negative and offers segregated accounts and account insurance. In today’s review of ActivTrades, we are going to discuss all of the important characteristics of this broker. What’s more, we’ll compare the fees of ActivTrades with other brokerage fees and guide you through the process of account opening in detail.

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