How to Help an Alcoholic Partner

Helping someone with an alcohol use problem may be a challenge, but it is possible. More and more resources are becoming available to those struggling with substance use problems. The future of addiction recovery is becoming increasingly brighter. As previously mentioned, your partner cannot begin their journey to recovery until they are ready. Alcohol addiction damages your partner but it causes harm to you as well.

how can i help hubby overcome alcoholism

After a week without alcohol, I told my husband what I was up to. In the past after particularly rough nights, I’d joke that I was “never drinking again.” There were many rough nights, so I couldn’t expect him to think anything would be different this time. Despite this, he accepted my decision without judgement or apprehension. Even if an intervention doesn’t work, you and others in your loved one’s life can make changes that may help.

What Does Alcohol do to a Marriage?

Being able to more accurately identify where you fall on the spectrum of alcohol addiction can help you see what treatment options could be appropriate for your unique needs. Pain, anger and frustration often surround the struggle with alcoholism. Maybe you’ve tried to overcome your addiction but have relapsed and feel like giving up. Words like relapse prevention techniques, coping mechanisms, detoxification systems and support groups may feel abrasive at this point. AUD is treatable and generally requires professional help.

“Babysitting one’s sobriety means taking control and making decisions for the person, including which events they do or don’t attend,” says Harrison. Stereotypes, myths, and misconceptions about alcohol use and addiction are abundant. Sometimes we have these false beliefs without realizing it — false beliefs that can negatively how to overcome alcoholism affect our interactions with the person in recovery. Research the kinds of treatment that are available and discuss these options with your friend or family member. Express your concerns in a caring way and encourage your friend or family member to get help. Try to remain neutral and don’t argue, lecture, accuse, or threaten.

How to Support Someone During Rehab and Recovery

Remember where you are in your recovery journey and how you generally respond to treatment. The first step can be reaching out and calling an alcohol hotline for advice. Your information will be kept confidential, and you can get the necessary resources to move forward.

  • It’s common for someone with AUD to try to blame their drinking on circumstances or others around them, including those who are closest to them.
  • It’s natural to want someone you care about to stop drinking so heavily.
  • The Recovery Village’s addiction specialists develop personalized treatment and therapy to meet our clients’ unique needs.
  • Imagine yourself in the same situation and what your reaction might be.
  • It is important to remember that not all people will respond to medications, but for a subset of individuals, they can be an important tool in overcoming alcohol dependence.
  • Cost may be a factor when selecting a treatment approach.
  • It’s best to avoid these people during and following withdrawal.

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